"Treatment is not one size fits all. We offer a personalized service to connect each individual to the best treatment option for their unique needs."

100% Confidential

The Addiction Recovery Network was founded by a group of men and women with a sincere desire to help those affected by addiction. We have all been touched by addiction in our personal experiences, whether we ourselves are addicts or we have known, loved and lost an addict in our lives. We have personally felt the pain of addiction, with all its heartbreak and sadness and regret, and we are here to provide a solution for those still suffering.

We strive to be as open and honest as possible. We intimately know the fear and frustration that accompanies addiction, and we speak to addicts and their families with frankness and compassion. We seek to be informative and helpful, firmly believing that knowledge is power and that power is needed in order to recover from the powerlessness of addiction. With our expertise and your willingness, we know we can make a difference. We can help overcome the problem of substance abuse one individual at a time.



Experience tells us that addiction and alcoholism are chronic, progressive and fatal diseases. Like all other diseases, they require the assistance of a specially trained team of medical professionals. However, unlike any other illness, addict and alcoholism are extremely cunning, powerful and deceptive. An addict will disregard all evidence to the contrary and claim he or she has no problem. They are overwhelmed with fear at the thought of living a life without drugs and alcohol, and they will avoid it at all costs until it takes their own life.

Due to the power, seriousness and urgency of addiction, it can only be overcome if addicts know that a solution is available to them with no strings attached. This is precisely what we strive to provide at the Addiction Recovery Network. We are only here to help: to answer your questions, to make information available, and most importantly, to ensure that only the best treatment is available for those who seek it.