In Control, The Birth of an NFL Legend

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This book is not about me. It is about us. We who clean up our lives are not victims; we are survivors. When we live clean and sober, we enrich ourselves, our children, family, friends, neighbors, employers, society and those seeking to change their own lives.

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"Thomas was a truly great football player who let his skills take second place to alcohol and drugs. His determination as an athlete allowed him to understand the disease of addiction, and he continues to win that fight every day. His book about recovery speaks to all those who need inspiration and guidance in regaining control of their lives."

Roger Staubach

"Today, he generously shares his story and offers encouragement to help others turn their lives around. Caring, compassionate and committed, Thomas's life is a testament to the fact that people CAN change. I am extremely proud of Thomas"

Ed "Too Tall" Jones

"I had a lot of teammates I was proud to say I played with. There was a time that I wasn't proud of Thomas. Now, without hesitation, I'm proud to say that Thomas Henderson is a friend of mine. He's changed and his recovery is real."

Drew Pearson

"Doctors like to go around and say, 'I saved so and so...' or their sponsors say, 'I sobered up Thomas...' All of it is wrong. People who are as bright as this guy, they either grab the ball and run and save themselves or they figure the ball you passed them isn't worth having. They throw it out of the game and run on their own into trouble again. What I'm saying is, Thomas saved himself."

Dr. Joseph Pursch

"Does anyone in your family have a problem with alcohol or other drugs? If so, buy this book for them and yourself."

Thomas Henderson

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